websights What’s New in Jscrambler 8.0?

What’s new in 8.0?

Jscrambler Code Integrity 8.0 is now live! See all the new features that are now available in this new major version.

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A quantum leap in JavaScript obfuscation


Bring your JavaScript code protection to a whole new level with our new VM-based obfuscation transformation.

Jscrambler is now the only JS obfuscation technology that can transform your JavaScript into an unparalleled mix of obfuscated JavaScript and binary code.

This binary code always has a different output, making it extremely hard for anyone to reverse-engineer your code.

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Improved on-premise compatibility with cloud providers

Data Exfiltration Prevention
Jscrambler is fully committed to ensuring a smooth experience to our customers that opt for our on-premise deployment.
To ensure that Jscrambler’s VMs have the latest software and security updates, we updated our VMs and improved their compatibility with AWS.
Now, the deployment process of Jscrambler VMs is much simpler and faster.
Jscrambler is fully committed to ensuring a smooth experience to our customers that opt for our on-premise deployment.

In case you missed it

We have been busy! Here’s an overview of some key features we launched since version 7.0.

Data Exfiltration Prevention

This countermeasure allows your app to block all network requests as a response to debugging, tampering, or lock violations, keeping your users' data secure.
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Memory Protection

When sensitive data passes through the client-side of applications, it is exposed to exfiltration attacks. Memory Protection ciphers this data and maximizes its secrecy.
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Root/Jailbreak Detection

With the Root/Jailbreak Detection feature, your app will detect dangerous mobile devices and trigger countermeasures to protect users from possible data exfiltration.
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We are constantly updating Jscrambler to help you solve your biggest application security challenges

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