Jscrambler brings you the Anti-Tampering feature

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8.1 is here

If attackers tamper with your website or application, they’ll be able to change it, its environment, and its behavior.

Anti-Tampering will make your website or application much more resilient and resistant to attacks, along with a vast possibility of defenses for your choice on how your website should react against a tampering attack. It’s available via UI, CLI, and code annotations.

The Anti-Tampering, available in Code Integrity 8.1 guarantees:

Better performance

More compatibility

More autonomy

Stronger resilience

More flexibility

Integrate Jscrambler with ...



By integrating Slack with Jscrambler, the user can be notified of threats regarding the integrity of their app or website, without having to sign in to the Jscrambler App. You can be notified via Slack channel, anytime a protection frame detects a breach or a threat is underway on your website



Jscrambler’s integration with Splunk allows for threat monitoring of your JavaScript application through real-time notifications. Information is all gathered in one place, for your convenience.



GitHub is one of the largest online collaborative work platforms in the world with unparalleled popularity. This integration will make it easier and more intuitive for GitHub users to make sure each JavaScript build they generate is automatically protected in their build pipeline.