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14 Events JavaScript Developers Should Attend In 2018

March 9th, 2018 | By Jscrambler | 6 min read

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Attending JavaScript Conferences is a must for any professional within the web development industry.

That’s because, besides all the learning, these events are a great opportunity to create a high-level networking with companies like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Microsoft, Samsung and many other tech giants. Anyhow, it is one of the best ways to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and to improve your skills on this programming language.

Luckily, there are a lot of those events happening along the year of 2018 and in many different parts of the world. In case you don’t want to miss the best of them, here is a list with 15 JavaScript conferences that will happen on the next months ordered by date.


JSConf is held by a community of big JavaScript advocates and has been promoted in many parts of the world, such as China, Iceland, Belgium, Budapest, USA, Brazil, Canada and Australia. This year they have already announced conferences happening in Belgium, Germany, Australia and United States. Check the details including places and dates for each one below:

JSConf Australia

jsconf-australia-logoWith 450 attendees expected, JSConf AU takes place in Melbourne and will count on 16 international speakers that will talk about front-end development, design, JavaScript, industry culture, ethics, security, cryptography, and much more.

  • Date of event: March 21st & 22nd

JSConf Belgium

jsconf-belgium-logoThe JSConf edition in Belgium will be a two-day event that will bring, as their organizers call, a “healthy mix of well-known and less well-known speakers” to nurture developers with interesting topics. The place and number of attendees haven’t been announced yet.

  • Date of event: May 29 & 30th

  • Tickets: /en

JSConf EU in Germany

jsconf-eu-germany-logoThe conference hosted in Berlim already has announced nine speakers out of more than 40 that will participate on the two-day event. Tickets are being sold in batches, so keep an eye on their Twitter to discover when they open new ones.

  • Date of event: June 2nd & 3rd

  • Tickets: /


jsconf-us-logoIn contrast with other JSConf traditional models, the US edition will have not only two, but three days of conference. In 2018 the event is hosted in Carlsbad, California, and speakers have not yet been announced.

  • Date of event: August 21st - 23rd

  • Tickets: /

  • More information about JSConf: /

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International JavaScript Conference


The International JavaScript Conference brings people from all over the world to talk about Angular, React, EcmaScript, Node.js and web development & architecture. There are more than 30 speakers confirmed for the event, some of them representing companies like Microsoft, McKinsey, Warner Bros and the Carnegie Mellon University.


js-heroes-logoHosted in Romania, JSHeroes will cover one day of workshop and other two days of lectures and discussions on web development, design and JavaScript technologies. The conference will bring more than 25 speakers in 2018, some of them from tech giants like Google, HSBC, Microsoft and 500tech.

  • Date of event: April 18th - 20th

  • Where: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • More information: /

Universal JS Day

universal-js-day-logoOrganized in Italy by GrUSP and FerraraJS, Universal JS Day presents keynotes and workshops on how to use JavaScript to improve applications. The conference also will cover the use of new frameworks and patterns like React Native, Ionic, Server Side Rendering, Progressive Web Apps, Electron, NativeScript.

Date of event: April 20th
Where: Ferrara, Italy
More information: /

React Europe

react-europe-logoReact Europe aims to discuss ideas, trends and technologies from the React ecosystem. Besides having speakers from Airbnb, Facebook and Khan Academy, in 2018 the conference promises to bring insights on the use of projects such as ReasonML, React Native Web, React Primitive and Expo.

  • Date of event: May 17th & 18th

  • Where: Paris, France

  • More information: /

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amsterdam-js-logoJavaScript, no exceptions! That is the premise behind the 6-year old conference that takes place in the heart of the Netherlands. The event will count with the presence of speakers from notorious companies like Elsevier, GitLab, PayPal, Pinterest and Samsung.

  • Date of event: May 31th & June 1st

  • Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • More information: /


fullstackconf-logoFullStack might be the conference for developers seeking to boost their way into the Internet of Things community. In 2018 the event celebrates its fifth edition with keynotes and discussions on JavaScript, Angular, ES6, CSS3, Machine Learning, Functional Programming, React, Babylon, Ember and many other topics.


jscamp-js-logoJSCamp, formerly AngularCamp, explores the latest trends in web technologies like JavaScript including React, Angular, TypeScript, NodeJS, Vue, Polymer, and many others. The conference expects to receive more than 500 attendees and offers a discount for early registrations.

  • Date of event: July 18th - 20th

  • Where: Barcelona, Spain

  • More information: /


braziljs-logoBrazilJS is one of the biggest events about JavaScript around the world and already gathered together at least 5,000 front-end developers since its beginning. More than just a conference, the organization behind it also reaches more than 10,000 subscribers through their newsletter called BrazilJS Weekly, which presents articles, courses and videos about JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Node.js, and many other relevant topics.

  • Date of event: August 24th - 25th

  • Where: Porto Alegre, Brazil

  • More information: /conf/


jsfoo-logoJSFoo takes place in India and since 2011 it brings professionals together to explore new ideas, implement innovative solutions and learn from each other’s experiences. The event is always promoted by HasGeek, a community that organizes hacknights, workshops and geekups around the country.

  • Date of event: September 13 & 14

  • Where: Bangalore, India

  • More information: /2018/


logo-dotjsdotJS is part of dotConferences, a big series of events in Paris dedicated to developers. The event is known for using the TED-style concept and it’s described as the biggest JS conference in Europe. More than 1,400 people are expected on its 7th edition.

  • Date of event: November 9th

  • Where: Paris, France

  • More information at: /

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