15 Most Popular JavaScript Conferences

July 28th, 2016 | By Jscrambler | 4 min read

This blog article on curated JabaScript conferences will help you with the most popular JavaScript conferences you can use to your advantage.

There are great ways for programmers to stay in touch with the latest news about JavaScript and the web development community, like reading blogs and websites or searching for specific questions on forums such as Quora.

But, for those who want to dive into the web development business, the best thing to do is to attend JavaScript conferences.

Besides giving a glance at the new products, tools, and innovative ideas firsthand, these kinds of events are a good deal for networking with some of the best professionals and companies in the field and sharing some experiences.

And there are no excuses for those who don’t want to leave their city, state, or country to participate: these events may happen in many parts of the world and on many different dates (there might be one happening close to you right now!).

So, in case you don’t want to miss your spot when they get to your city or country, stay tuned for the most popular JavaScript conferences and events dedicated to web developers around the world:


JSConf describes itself as a federation of developers who share the same idea about how to organize a technical conference. Events held by their community were already hosted in China, Iceland, Belgium, Budapest, the USA, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and many other places worldwide.

JSConf also has a family of events, like JSFest, RobotsConf, JSChannel, RejectJS, and many others.

JSConf website.


Since 2011, BrazilJS has connected more than 5 thousand front-end developers in Brazil. It is an initiative from Nasc, a company owned by the same creators of the BrazilJS Conf.

More than 40 regional events are held all year, reaching more than 8 thousand developers.

Latest announced Event: August 26 – 27, 2016

BrazilJS website.


The O’Reilly Fluent Conference is one of the most important events about JavaScript, HTML5, WebGL, CSS3, mobile APIs, and many more topics for web developers.

The conference was launched in 2012 and has many forums, workshops, and sessions.

Fluent website.


dotJS describes itself as the biggest JavaScript conference in Europe. They also proudly announce that they host one of the cheapest events.

The conference was built on the same concept of TED events, with lectures from great names in the JavaScript development field, like Evan You, creator of Vue.js; Igor Minar, AngularJS lead; and Fedor Indutny, from Node.js.

dotJS website.


FullStack presents a 3-day event with international Javascript developers that can share skills and learn about Javascript, Node.js, AngularJS, ES6, Babylon, Ember, React, and a lot more resources through keynotes, workshops, and talks.

The conference is promoted by Skills Matter, a community founded to help bring innovation in software engineering by sharing new skills and trends through meetups, conferences, and courses.

FullStack website.


ForwardJS brings sessions, panels, and workshops about Javascript development and discusses the future of web applications and the open web.

Engineers and web developers from Netflix, Mozilla, and Twitter already made their presence at this event. With the best professionals in the field, the conference wants to explore best practices and new resources on Javascript, ReactJS, EmbeddedJS, ES6/ES7, Node, Swift, and more.

ForwardJS website.


JSFoo was the first Javascript conference organized in India. Since 2011, it has presented workshops and talks for the JS Community in the country.

The event is organized by HasGeek, a community that helps promote conferences, hacknights, workshops, and geekups.

JSFoo website.

ReactJS Conferences

Developers and programmers who use React for their projects can choose one of the events dedicated to bringing the best innovative ideas and trends about this Javascript library. Some of them are ReactJS Conf, ReactEurope, ReactNext, and ReactiveConf.

While ReactJS Conf is officially hosted in San Francisco and is organized by Facebook, developers from Europe can attend ReactEurope, a 3-day event in Paris held by professionals in the field.

For those who live or want to travel to Tel Aviv, here’s another opportunity: ReactNext is hosted in Israel and organized by 500Tech with help from the community.

And how about Bratislava, in Slovakia? ReactiveConf is organized by VacuumLabs and puts together more than 30 speakers and 700 attendees worldwide.

No time for travel? You can sign up for online events

People don’t always have time to travel. In this case, the best deal is participating in remote conferences. Check some examples below:


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