Infosecurity Europe 2017 in a Nutshell

June 14th, 2017 | By Jscrambler | 3 min read

Jscrambler's team was at Infosecurity Europe 2017, held from 6 to 8 June at Olympia London in the United Kingdom.

The show was an opportunity to connect with security professionals, share experiences with other vendors, and present our solution.

Today, we share a summary of what happened there.

Jscrambler 5.0: Brand New Webpage Integrity Module

Jscrambler was exhibiting at stand L60, where we showcased our brand new Jscrambler 5.0, launching our new Webpage Integrity module, an anti-fraud solution designed to protect webpages.

webpage integrity module
This new module identifies fraud by detecting malicious tampering and client-side injections to webpages.

Jscrambler gives precise information on what code was injected and where giving unprecedented visibility on what is happening on the client-side, and is an effective tool to prevent and react to a class of attacks that is growing in frequency and complexity, with serious financial consequences and impacting the reputation of companies and governments.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Cybersecurity Risk vs Opportunity?

Bruce Schneier's talk about Internet of Things Security at the Keynote Stage was so great that we decided to highlight it as well. The presenter is well known and has been writing about security for years on his blog, being also the author of some interesting books.

bruce-schneier-presenting-at-infosecurity-europeIn his own words, "much has been discussed about how AI will radically transform modern business and cybersecurity.

From replacing IT help desks to finding ways to fix bugs faster than humans can, the possibilities seem endless. But with these opportunities come risks - the risk of insecure configuration, poor AI authentication leading to new attack vectors or, in the worst-case scenario, AI being directly compromised to turn against people and the services we rely on."

Something that definitely caught our attention was this thought that summarizes the whole presentation: With the Internet of Things, Computer Security Becomes Everything Security. - Bruce Schneier

Strong statement, don't you agree?


The EU GDPR is here to stay and it was a topic highly discussed at the event.

Security by design is one of the core aspects of the EU GDPR. Data security and privacy should be built into the application or system from the outset; putting the consumer first and making everything more clear and easier for the end-user.

"For application security, this means that security and privacy need to be thought about in the planning stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)."

Unfortunately, this is not currently the case with many organizations. Traditional application security has been all about protecting the server and the communications channel but we really need to address the security problems on the client-side.

An article that will certainly help you catch up with this theme is THE EU GDPR: what does it mean for application security? from ITProPortal.

UK’s Most Innovative Small Cyber Security Company of the Year 2017

CheckRecipient won the award for the UK’s Most Innovative Small Cyber Security Company of the Year 2017 at Infosecurity Europe 2017. Congratulations! It's always great to see new innovative players in the cybersecurity market being recognized.

The Jscrambler team is looking forward to seeing you soon in our next show. Keep updated!


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Jscrambler will be at Infosecurity Europe in London from 6th to 8th June 2017! Drop by our stand L60 and say hi! You will find out all about client-side application security in action.

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