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Insights from IT Innovators at IP EXPO Europe 2018

October 9th, 2018 | By Jscrambler | 3 min read

The world's latest IT innovations came to the stage at ExCeL London during IP EXPO Europe 2018.

The event gathered innovators from disrupting sectors, including Cyber Security, AI Analytics, IoT, and Blockchain. For two days, everything was about disruption.

Jscrambler, our leading Application Shielding solution, was present. And the timing couldn't have been more relevant — only two weeks ago, some major data breaches affected over 400,000 UK customers.

After two days of intensive networking and discussing opportunities and threats to the IT sector, we look back at how some IT professionals are disrupting the industry and how we contributed to the conference itself.

Scaling DevOps Transformation at Lloyds Bank — Mark Howell

We all know how DevOps has grown into a central piece of the IT engine.

This talk by Mark Howell and James Betteley had a refreshing take on DevOps transformation. They provided a down-to-earth insider look into their mission of scaling DevOps at the Lloyds Banking Group.

As IT professionals, we are often guided towards focusing on the improvements versus the impact these transformations have on company culture and its technical infrastructure. Scaling this transformation in more traditional enterprises poses this gigantic challenge, and these presenters were able to provide the audience with some problem-solving strategies.

The New Full Stack: Infra, AI, Serverless, and UX — by Gabriel Nepomuceno

In a room packed with Full Stack Developers, Gabriel Nepomuceno dove into how the landscape is changing for these professionals.

The amazing audience here at #IPExpo2018 the room was so full that a lot of people needed to stand in the back Azure ml studio AzureDevOps @msbotframework showing another flawless amazing demo! Azure dev ops projects were just the wow factor!

— Gabriel Nepomuceno

Leveraging on his 12 years of software development experience, Gabriel highlighted just how demanding the role of Full Stack has become. Going from AI to UX and Serverless, he presented the mindset, tools, and strategies that will help today's Full Stack Devs become the "Buzzword" Devs of tomorrow.

Jscrambler Talk — How Client-Side Application Shielding Can Tackle Fraud and Detect Tampering on Your Website

IP Expo is known for its great talks and we didn't miss the chance to contribute with our own.

Our Technology Evangelist Carlos Gonçalves brought to the stage the issue of website fraud and tampering, which is increasingly relevant for digital businesses.

Jscrambler IP Expo Europe 2018 TalkIn this talk, Carlos went through some real examples of attacks against Integrity, detailing the three major attack vectors: Malicious/Compromised 3rd Party Code, Malicious/Compromised Browser Extensions, and Trojans.

More than identifying the threats, Carlos provided the audience with some actionable strategies to mitigate these security threats: Application Shielding. Here, the audience had the chance to see a demo of two attacks and how a real-time monitoring solution is able to mitigate them.

The final message was clear:
We need visibility in real-time and Application Shielding is the key.


IP Expo really is all about disruption.

We exchanged some great ideas with leading IT businesses and it becomes clear that Application Security is being perceived as essential. Several visitors approached us regarding the recent Magecart attacks and we detailed how Jscrambler can mitigate them.

Jscrambler's biggest mission is to protect the client-side and empower the knowledge of Security. We can gladly say that IP Expo Europe 2018 was another successful mission.


The leader in client-side Web security. With Jscrambler, JavaScript applications become self-defensive and capable of detecting and blocking client-side attacks like Magecart.

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