Jscrambler @ Web Summit 2017

November 13th, 2017 | By Jscrambler | 2 min read

Web Summit 2017: All eyes were on Web Summit last week, and Jscrambler was there, networking with interesting people, attending a bunch of talks, and discussing the importance of client-side security with general attendees and companies from around the globe.

Let us dive into the insights we gathered from the conferences!

1. AI and Robots

Industry experts discussed the promises and pitfalls of ultra-fast tech advancements and AI, biotech, blockchain, and big data were the most popular topics discussed throughout the days, including the need for more regulation concerning privacy and security.

A more extreme vision of what super-intelligent computers could offer us was put forward by digital pioneer Ben Goertzel and his robot Sophia Hanson.


2. The Value of Data

Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, stated that data is becoming one of the most valuable commodities, emphasizing that oil has transformed the 20th century and that data will transform the future.

An undoubtfully interesting read concerning this matter is the article The World’s Most Valuable Resource – Data and the new rules of competition from The Economist. It is worth reading!

3. Kasparov Effect

Garry Kasparov and Ondřej Vlček from Avast talked about Machine Learning applied to security.

The former world chess champion from Russia said that Machine Learning technologies can bring several advantages to security solutions such as speed, accuracy, and scalability.

"We are still scraping the surface of AI's capacity," but "Machine Learning completely changed the game." - Ondřej Vlček, EVP & GM Consumer & CTO of Avast.

4. FullSTK + binate.io

FullSTK, the developer conference connecting developers, investors, engineers, and computing experts, and binate.io, the data conference, connecting data scientists, analysts, hackers, and engineers under one roof during Web Summit, were the main stages for security enthusiasts.

Chris Wysopal of Veracode & Window Snyder of Fastly with Axel Bugge of Reuters presented a security briefing on the top challenges and technology one should know. Check it out:

5. Europol

Following what Jscrambler has been pointing out since the release of our new Webpage Integrity Module, Europol Chief, Rob Wainwright, warned that the financial sector is under increasing threat from cybercrime syndicates.

"What really concerns me is the sophistication of the capability, which is becoming good enough to really threaten parts of our critical infrastructure, certainly in the financial and banking sector." - Rob Wainwright

He also added that the world of cyber criminals is a lot bigger, smarter, and more adept than most people can imagine and pointed out that it is disturbing that, in general, companies and individuals still maintain low cybersecurity standards.

In case you missed it, we leave you a photo recap below:

web-summit-2017-recapWe look forward to seeing you in Lisbon next year!


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