We Got You Covered with Jscrambler 3.7

January 14th, 2015 | By Jscrambler | 2 min read

We are glad to announce the launch of our new version of Jscrambler, 3.7. We have developed it with a focus on being able to protect all the main JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

We paid attention to detail and made Jscrambler more compliant than ever so that you can protect your JavaScript and HTML5, whatever your technology stack is.

We made other changes that help you be more prepared, safe, and efficient while developing and selling your application.

Compliant like no other

We made Jscrambler the most compliant protection tool on the market. It can now handle special cases we identified where some transformations need to behave differently, for instance, cases like AngularJS custom HTML attributes that contain names of Angular custom modules and controllers, or the example of module loaders (RequireJS) that load scripts that oblige some transformations to behave differently.

We have also developed an automatic process to ensure compliance with all current libraries and frameworks. You can have access to our compliance tests, so you can check everything yourself.

You can even suggest your own or third-party libraries to be tested.

Preparing for JavaScript’s Future

At Jscrambler, we pay attention to how technologies keep changing, so our 3.7 version lays the foundations to support ECMAScript 6 (Harmony), which will soon be compliant with all browsers, by introducing JavaScript strict mode compatibility and Harmony’s generator protection.

These are the first steps to our next major release, which will aim to support Harmony’s features as soon as they become available on major browsers.

Faster and Easier

From now on, Atom, the new text editor by GitHub made in JavaScript, will be integrated with Jscrambler to make your obfuscation requests quicker and easier.

We’ve developed a plugin that allows you to request obfuscation directly from the editor.

Editor's Note: This Atom package has been deprecated as of 2019.

Another Channel for Your Users

Domain Lock and Expiration Date features will now allow you to inform your application’s users about why it has stopped working, whether it’s running on an unauthorized domain, or because they need to renew their subscription, for example.

Do it right on the spot with no complications. Communication gets easier, the user experience improves, and your sales go up!

How Can You Get Jscrambler's 3.7 Version?

It’s simple. Go to the “My Account” page, under “Obfuscation settings”, and change your version from 3.5.1/3.6 to 3.7.

Get the Jscrambler 3.7 version in the obfuscation setting available on my account page
Our client-side security experts are here to clarify any inquiries regarding your application’s protection. Try our free trial, request a demo, or join a live chat to learn more about our solutions and use cases.


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