Effective strategies to mitigate security risks

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Understanding Online Video Security Threats and Tactics

Threats and risks of exposed HTML5 and JavaScript

Intellectual property theft, licensing issues, client-side data leakage, and compromised watermarking solutions.

Tactics to secure Javascript and HTML5 of web players

Enterprise-grade JavaScript protection, JavaScript code locks, real-time control, and more. 

Integrate Jscrambler with Watermarking solutions

Block malicious code injection and hide features of the web player like client-side watermarking.

Media platforms in the US are expected to lose $12.5B by 2024

Minimize exposure to piracy, protect intellectual property and sensitive user data. Prevent cyberattacks on your OTT platforms, and avoid loss of premium content, revenue, and customer data.

Media & OTT

Secure your platform

Web app security for Media & OTT allows you to protect intellectual property.

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