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Make your JavaScript Application Protect Itself

#1 JavaScript Security Solution for Mobile, Desktop, HTML5 and Node.js

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The only solution that guarantees your application:


is tamper-proof and works exactly how you developed it

Jscrambler protects your application from runtime code modifications and ensures your app integrity, making sure your users are safe and have the experience they expect.


remains safe and able to defend against attacks

Your JavaScript application will have self-defensive capabilities and will be able to fight any reverse-engineering or tampering attempts that can hurt your revenue and business.


conceals its logic and hides any data contained in the code

Jscrambler transforms the JavaScript in your application, reducing visibility and making it extremely hard to understand. This means your algorithm and data is hidden and away from prying eyes.

Jscrambler addresses all your application protection needs

Online Advertising
Streaming & Media
Software Development
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Fits your processes and it’s developer-friendly

Total control

Easy and quick to use, Jscrambler enables you to fine-tune your protection in order to guarantee maximum performance and security.

Seamless Integration

Our API allows you to perfectly combine Jscrambler with your development process and ensure the protection of your applications on each deployment

Universal Compliance

Compliance is one of our main goals and whichever stack you may use you can rest assured that Jscrambler works without breaking your code

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including Fortune 500 companies

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Bullet-proof your application in 2 minutes with the leader in JavaScript security

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