Use Cases


Comply with PCI DSS v4.0

New requirements under PCI DSS v4.0 are aimed at protecting payment pages. Your ability to comply will impact whether your ability to host payments on your website - and keep the e-commerce store...

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Control Script Behavior

JavaScript powers today's web applications. You need an easy way to create policies for each script so they behave exactly as intended.

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Get Visibility Into Third-Party Scripts

More than 70% of code on the average website comes from third parties. You need visibility into what these scripts are doing in order to understand your risk of sensitive data exfiltration.

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Protect Sensitive Data

Which scripts are accessing sensitive data from your website forms? Without continuous monitoring and proactive defense, your company is at risk of data leakage and non-compliance.

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Protect Your Code

The pace of innovation is fierce. Security is often overlooked in the haste to bring new apps to market. It doesn’t have to be that way. Create value, not liabilities.

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