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Jscrambler Enterprise

The Most Powerful and Complete JavaScript Application Security Solution

On-Premises Solution

You get your own instance of Jscrambler so that you don’t have to send your code elsewhere

Real-Time Attack Notifications

It warns you of attacks right at the spot so you can take extra measures

Advanced Application Integrity Shield

Exclusive protection to ensure your application integrity and guarantee your users are safe.

Logic Lockdown

Obfuscation techniques you can’t find on the Cloud version, that make it unfeasible to tamper or reverse-engineer your application.

Total Customization

Jscrambler Enterprise can be tailored to your team size, build process and project needs

Total Control

Full control of your code protection

Premium Support

Access to Premium support with a SLA of 2h, 24h a day, including weekends, on request

Always Protected, Always Available

Giving you full accessibility and total independence

Jscrambler R&D Lab Membership

Direct access to our experts and the opportunity to request new features. Get new capabilities before public availability.

Check the complete list of features in the Enterprise version


Application Modes

Web Browser AppDesktop AppServer AppHybrid Mobile AppJavaScript Native AppHTML5 Game

License Details

Custom Users p/ LicenseCustom # of ProtectionsCustom # Files p/ ApplicationCustom # of Applications

Granular Control

Code AnnotationsJscrambler Ignore

Real-time attack notifications

Warning Functions

Application & Platform Locks

Browser LockOS LockDomain LockDate Lock

Protection Transformations

Control Flow FlatteningExtend PredicatesAnti-debuggingAnti-tamperingDead code injectionDot To Bracket NotationFunction outliningFunction reorderingString Concealing

Optimization Transformations

Assertions RemovalComments RemovalConstant FoldingDead Code EliminationDebug Code EliminationDuplicate Literals RemovalRemove Braces & SemicolonsWhitespace Removal

Developer Tools

Parsing Error DetectionGraphQL API.NET, Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Grunt and Gulp API ClientsSide-to-Side Original & Transformed Code PreviewTransformation By TargetsApplication Management


Phone SupportOnline Chat SupportE-mail SupportOnline DocumentationTutorialsFAQ


ECMAScript 262 Ed. 5.1ES6 Parsing SupportISO/IEC 16262:2011Supports all major browsersSupports all major Desktop & Mobile OS’sSupports all major JavaScript frameworks and libraries

How Jscrambler Enterprise protects your application

Your application without protection



Your application is obfuscated and defends itself from attacks


Your application detects attacks & helps you take action


Integrates with your Security Management System of choice
Your application is protected & self-defensive!

You can also extend the protection to the webpage


Built to protect companies with the highest
demands for Application Security

Jscrambler Enterprise is a virtual appliance that you download and run in your own infrastructure, which means that you never have to send us any of your code. It also guarantees 100% availability and highest priority.

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