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Hardening your application against tampering & data theft

Jscrambler’s leading protection technology makes your JavaScript application secure, wherever it may be

The risks of not protecting your application

Information Leakage

User credentials, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), credit card information,etc-- all of these pass through the client-side at some point in time and can be retrieved by attackers.

Malware Injection

Spyware and bot attacks may compromise login credentials and private customer data, as well as lead to account take-over.

Piracy and License Violations

Your code can be reversed engineered to remove protections and violate your license agreement. Your application and business model could be at risk.

Code Theft

Your code can be reverse engineered and reused by possible competitors. Your IP and competitive advantages may be compromised.

Man-in-the-Browser Attacks

Man-in-the-browser (MITB) attacks are capable of modifying the user's Web transactions as they occur in real time. They represent a danger both to the user and to the organizations offering the service.

Counterfeit Applications

Pirates’ attempts to decrypt apps in order to reverse-engineer and create clones is increasing. App stores often have screening lapses and modified copycats end up on App stores, competing with the legitimate versions.

How do we protect your application

Real-Time Application Security Protection & Monitoring

Standalone Application Protection

JavaScript Application

JavaScript Obfuscation

We are the only solution that offers the most advanced JavaScript Obfuscation techniques that combined with polymorphic behavior, transform your Application into a form that is protected against reverse-engineering using automated static analysis attacks. Not to be mistaken with Minification: this process does not actually protect your code and can be reversed with simple tools found online

Code Traps

Jscrambler goes way beyond obfuscation. It leverages it by installing a large number of different code traps and application locks throughout the code, that restrict when, where and by whom the application can be executed.


Jscrambler can make your application become self-defensive. If Jscrambler detects that your code was tampered or if suspicious debugging activities are in action it can make the code derail the execution of the program in a standalone way. This is achieved through a combination of anti-tampering and anti-debugging techniques that can’t be found in any other product in the market.

Real-Time Notifications

You can set Jscrambler to warn you if your code is being tampered or used in a different environment or date other than the one you have defined. It is possible to integrate this information with other security tools you may be using to ensure a complete secure system for your assets. When using our Domain Lock and Date Lock features, these warnings might be useful also in order to inform your application's user about why the application stopped working when trying to run it with an invalid domain or after their license expired, right at the spot.

Jscrambler platform is easy to use and allows you to find the right set of protections for your specific case



Create your application container and upload your project files.
Choose the Code Transformations for your application. We have ready-to-use templates or you can use targets to drive the process.
Jscrambler applies the protection on your code and you download your protected files.
Your application will be safe and your business secure.

You can also integrate Jscrambler with your development process with our API and fine-tune how you apply your transformations with Code Annotations .

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