The Importance of Truly Secure Captchas

Jscrambler & Arkose Labs

Today, more and more security verifications need to be on the client-side. Jscrambler's resilient client-side obfuscation and protection enable new features for a lot of businesses across different sectors. Learn how FunCaptcha (now Arkose Labs) has been leveraging Jscrambler's technology to deliver a reliable and innovative CAPTCHA, resilient to abuse and tampering and how you can do it too.Don't miss the chance to join our webinar in partnership with FunCaptcha and watch Jscrambler's CTO, Pedro Fortuna, and Kevin Gosschalk, FunCaptcha's CEO, talking about the importance of securing CAPTCHAs, and how that can be achieved.Beyond his work at Jscrambler, Pedro is a seasoned AppSec specialist, multiple-time speaker (OWASP AppSec California and USA, Finovate, Bsides, Fullstack, etc) and author of several patents in application security.Kevin Gosschalk is Co-Founder & CEO of Arkose Labs. He is also a Speaker at LocoMocoSec and AppSec events and a pioneer of SLAs in Anti-Fraud Tech. Australian.

By registering for this webinar you will:

Learn about automated abuse in today’s digital landscape;
See different approaches to mitigate automated abuse;
Learn how Arkose Labs technology ensures an effective mitigation;
Discover how Jscrambler strengthens abuse prevention solutions by hardening client-side JavaScript.

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